Thursday 7 April 2016

Norton ES2 1939

set IG timing and 
looked inside of oil tank 
a lots of metal pieces came out

and some tissue from exhaust pipe after fired up

fit a missing filter
made out of 
other model's filter
engine cut out after 5mins run, so checked magneto
looks freshly rebuild but just in case fitted a new condenser
and it was sticky exhaust valve caused problem
top end is now off and inspect. a bit oily 
valve guide was too tight in the middle
check piston - bore clearance
piston has scratch on one side on bottom and the other side on top, needs more inspect,
disassembling bottom end 
it suppose to be rebuild engine but inside was dirty and a lots of metal pieces inside
checking bore is right angle against cylinder base surface,
and it wasn't, it had bored in angle tipped towards posh rod side,
that is explain about scratch on piston 
check big end and conrod straightness 
found cam bush has crack
and teeth chipped off from cam gear and lifter
oil feed fitting has damaged
cleaned and made it nice fit
end play
made new bushings and reamed in line
made torque plates for cylinder for re-bore with a new piston
checking base surface

spent a lot of time to much the surface 
 oil line, inner parts, inside all clean  
checking oil circulate
feeding through 
and returning 
started braking in
finished braking in
running in
good feeling on big single Norton, very nice to ride,
enjoy riding!

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