Monday 9 June 2014


Setting up workbench and having fun.
When you are working on something, you want all tools in reach, not the end of workshop to get tools, so I set most of tools around bench, on wall (hang tools on wall is a kind of English style! I think) and in cabinet, fit angle-poise light on top, grease and chemicals on side bench, bolts, nuts, and other small stuff etc in cabinet. And use it then find the best position of it.

It save time to get things done,
I had been working on someone else's garage for while, from their own garage to motorcycle shop, and lots of time spent just look for tool etc,, which is pain sometime,

I used to look after two workshops which was hard to keep it in good working order,
But now I only one to look after,
this workshop.
I have been collecting tools I need but it seems to be endless,,,
There is Always one more tools you need.

やはり何か作業をしている時に工具は手の届きやすい範囲に収めたいものです、ワークショップの端までいちいち工具を取りに行かなくて済むように工具を壁掛け(壁掛け工具は英国のスタイル!と勝手に思っていますが)そしてキャビネット、アングルポーズライトを取り付けグリースやらケミカル製品をサイドのベンチに収めボルトやナットなどなど細かい物をキャビネットに仕込んで みました、ここから使ってゆくに連れてそれらのベストな位置を見つけていこうかと思っております。



New workshop will be ready in a little while and planning for opening in July.

Thank you for your support!



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