Sunday 14 April 2013

Triumph Palm Beach 60's "Red Devil"

Triumph Palm Beach model 60's
21inch frame
26x13/8 Dunlop rim, White wall tyre,
3speed Sturmey Archer AW hub,
small banana seat and sissy bar,
up handlebar with grip shift,
Nice vintage water-slide decals.

When I saw this bicycle, the vintage water-slide decal on top tube "Red Devil" caught my eyes,
It just looked great, and I can see someone in 60's may be did this decal tune! spent time to put these decals on, and came up nicely! it's just decals but it's makes different to the other.
And I add more vintage French decals on it.

So I took a part then rebuilt with Tokyo underground influence,
banana seat and sissy bar, high up handlebar made it Tokyo style.

この車輌をみた時トップチューブに貼ってあったRed Devilの水貼りデカールに目を奪われ、


Triumph made in England

Vintage water-slide decals made in France

San Marco small banana seat made in Italy and sissy bar off Schwinn made in USA

Pedals made in Czech

Whitewall tyre made in India

Side stand made in Taiwan

Thank you very much Tride MC for help!

It got parts from all over the world!