Sunday 3 February 2013

Cycling Manual

I don't read manual, oh, I can't read English good enough so I have to check dictionary all the time,
It takes ages to get understanding just for one sentence, especarly these manual uses some Special word to explain something really complicated.
anyway I do look through a few times to remember pictures and section, Then when I need help or hint, I'll go back to manual to find out what is all about.
But manual doesn't tell you everything.

マニュアルは読まない、いや、 とういうより英語がうまく読めない、なのでいちいち辞書を引きながら読んでゆくと一つの文を理解するのにえらい時間がかかってしまう、特にマニュアルというとけっこう複雑な事を専門用語で説明したりしてる。


  1. Never take apart a Sturmey Archer Hub, unless you have a lot of time and patience.

  2. Yes I did it just to see inside of it, for experience, and it's still in pieces......
    If it's working don't fix it.
    It's a way complicated,