Sunday 18 November 2012

Pre War Triumph Path Racer

Pre War Triumph.22inch frame.
Front 26"x 1 1/2wheel original westwood steel rim with stainless spokes.
Rear 28"x 1 1/2 wheel Dunlop westwood stainless steel with stainless spokes .
One off handlebar.
Brooks B17 champion narrow saddle.
SA K5 3speed hub gear with top tube mount trigger gear changer.
Phillps front hub.
Bayliss Wiley BB cups and TDC shaft.
unknown makes rat trap 30's pedals.
Bluemels pump and tool bag.
Rear rod brake with handlebar post mount short lever, nice period parts.
Sturmey Archer K5 3speed hub gear.
This bicycle had a wheel with shiny chrome rim and late 50's hub when I got it,Obviously it's been changed some point.
Normally Sturmey Archer hub tells you what year they made if it's got original wheel.
From this Triumph bicycle museum I can see similar model, my guess is this bicycle made in mid 30's to early 40's so this K5 1935 hub is not a bad choice.
In 50's Raleigh company bought the name Triumph bicycle, not only triumph they bought Rudge,BSA,Humber, Sunbeam, etc,,,,so this one is pure blood from Coventry factory.
その多くはスターメイアーチャーのハブから年代が判明できます、それがオリジナルのウィールだったらの話ですが、こちらのTriumph bicycle museumから同じ仕様の車両が見て取れます、予想としては30年代中盤から40年代前半と思われます、あながちK5 35年代のハブも間違っては無いかもしれません。
Triumph chain wheel, the shape of letters are different to later one.
Top tube mount gear changer, I love the way saying Low -N- High.
Made a narrow handlebar and fitted small size Bluemels grips.
It's simple but well designed rod brake arms, I modified it to take 28" rim. It works well if you know how much distance you need to stop.

It was a gents roadster, turned into Path racer.It's got brake and gears so not a real racer but to use on the street it will be handy.
It was just imagination like,, a man in 30's couldn't afford proper racer but had an ambitious to go to race, collect parts to build up one bicycle he can ride to the race and do the race, something like that.
anyway, it came up really well skinny high backend black bike.The riding position is pretty good, gearing with wide ratio 3speed gives you wide ratio riding. I haven't taken to long ride but it will be fun for sure.
この車両はジェンツ ロードスターでしたがこれをパースレーサーに仕立て上げました、とは言えブレーキやギアなど付いているので本物のレーサーではありませんが、街を走るにはそれらの装備が役立つことは間違いないでしょう。


  1. Thank you, this Triumph is going to display at Yokohama mooneyes Hodrod show. I'll see you there or DicE party.

  2. Both, I hope. We will be at Delight on the 29th for Aki's late birthday party.