Thursday 1 November 2012


Bluemel's was a manufacturer of the top quality motor parts,using Bakelite material to make car steering wheel to bicycle refractor,Since 30's in bicycle world,they are great products for racing because of light weight,mudguards are famous and grips, pump, etc,,, these are one of the parts you want fit on your bicycle and make it better.



  1. Bluemel's used celluloid as a material in the 1930'3 for mudguards etc, This material was also found on Rudge bicycles/motorcycles for handlebar covering. Don't mistake post war Rudge machines which were made by Raliegh in Nottingham. Original Rudge was made in Coventry.

    I remember in the 1960's Bluemel's products were the leaders for accessories at the local cycle shop

  2. Oh yes celluloid for mudguards isn't it,
    I like the name of these mudguards " no weight, feather weight, light weight etc,,, " and it's actually so light.
    Rudge is the best Britten's Bicycle