Monday 13 August 2012


Hacksaw, Hack, Chop, Cut,,, this is the one of the important things to do when you are building chopper. Simple and Basic tool can do a lot of things like chopping frame to cutting bolt to length etc, etc, it's a must have tool in your garage.I had this image in my head for long time but I'm not a painter,I couldn't make it real, but Hans Sure the great artist made it real. It came up much better than I had in my head, it's so good! every time I see this it make my mind up to work on bikes. And this paint was picked by Royal Academy of arts for the 244th this summer exhibition. That was brilliant morment when I saw this paint in there.

We made limited edition of 45 prints, and it's for sale now.
Giclee Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper Paper size: 594mm x 420mm (23.4"x 16.5") Actual image size: 538mm x 350mm (21.2"x 13.8") Good size on your garage wall actually.
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そしてこの絵のプリントを制作、45枚 限定ファーストエディションが発売となりました。
Giclee Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art PaperPaper size: 594mm x 420mm (23.4"x 16.5")Actual image size: 538mm x 350mm (21.2"x 13.8")
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  1. Hi ,This is nothing to do with buying a print ,but i have an identical looking hacksaw at home except that it is called a rolls made in england hacksaw does anyone know anything about it!Thanks Ben